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At Vietnamstay Travel, the quality of our services speaks for itself. Read the reviews below to see what our customers had to say about their experiences with us in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand.


We have enjoyed very much the Trip to Vietnam

Visited Vietnam in Oct 2014, from Israel

Hello Vietnamstay,
We had a great time!

The Trip Guides were well educated and provided us a lot of Information regarding Vietnam.The Hotels and the Cars were very good.And the Trip places were well Chosen.The only thing that I think need to be changed ,for future tourist's , is the  "Tam Coc tourist center lunch " , the food there was not good and the price they charged us was very high.Over all  we have enjoyed very much the Trip to Vietnam and surely will recommend it to our Friend's

Shamir Nizan from Israel

Everything was perfect

Visited Vietnam in Oct 2014, from Israel

Dear Mr. Xuan,
I would like to thank you for a great trip. Everything was perfect. I am so glad I listen to your advice and took 3 nights in Hoi An.This trip left us a taste for more.I will definitely recommend you to all our friends.

Best Regards,
Ronen from Israel

I'd be happy to give you a good Trip Advisor or other site review.

Visited Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos in Nov 2014, from Australia

Dear Vietnamstay,

Just before I opened your email, I'd completed an email to my adult son and  daughter about our trip, in case they want to do a similar trip.  We've traveled with them before, including a trip  to Thailand 3 years ago, but  previously we had always planned and booked the trip ourselves.  In my message, I discuss the advantages and disadvantages of your package tour versus traveling on our own.  This message is much  longer and more candid perhaps than you'd normally get from a customer, but I thought you might find it interesting.  I've copied it below with only minor edits.
Some comments about guides:



Khanh (Saigon/Mekong) - Very good.  He'd prepared maps with sights/tips/phrases/etc. for every city we visited.
Sre (Phnom Penh) - Exceptional.  When our  boat from Chau Doc arrived late, she juggled the  schedule, added activities, and stayed late with us to make sure we had a good experience.  She checked up  on us the next day to assure we connected with our driver.
Kia (Siem Reap) - Very good.  He knew how to avoid the crowds and where to get good photos.  Loved the bike ride.
Seng (Luang Phrabang) - Very good.  He arranged extra tours or our free time.
Herry (Hanoi) -  Exceptional.  Very personable; good communicator.  Added sites to our tour.
Vinh (Hoi An) - OK.  I felt that he wanted to get free of us as soon as possible.  He did make a good travel suggestion and followed through to arrange it with the driver.
Thi (Hue) - Good.  She called the driver to check up on us to assure that we got to the airport OK and translated to assure that all was OK.
Au Lac (Saigon) - Very nice.  Convenient location.
Kim Tho (Can Tho) - Very nice.  Nice view.
Victoria Nuisam Lodge - Exceptional.  Amazing view from both room and breakfast area.

Town View (Phnom Penh) - Very nice

Saem Hotel (Seam Reap) - Very nice
Sala Luang Phrabang - OK.  As expected for 3-star tourist room.  Small room and missing some amenities of the other hotels.  LOVED the outdoor breakfast, though.
La Dolce Vita (Hanoi) - Very nice.  Convenient location.  I really liked their breakfast - large selection of local dishes.
Prince Junk (Ha Long) - Exceptional.  Cook was amazing.

Vinh Hung Emrald (Hoi An) - Exceptional   Also great breakfast.  Great place to lounge around while it's raining outside.
Moonlight (Hue) - Exceptional  Great hotel reception!  Great view.
Majestic (Saigon) - Exceptional - best hotel stay I've ever had  (They upgraded us to the 4th floor suite.  Huge and finely appointed  Best breakfast.)

I'd be happy to give you a good Trip Advisor or other site review.  I'd appreciate a web link to do so. 
Rich from Australia

Thanks for a very nicely arranged trip

Visited Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos in Nov 2014, from Sweden

Dear Vietnamstay,
Thanks for a very nicely arranged trip for us in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

All the arrangements that you have included in our itinerary has been to our satisfaction, dates and times has worked fine. You have also notified us when there has been changes. Over all we are very pleased with the work you and Vietnamstay has performed.

Some thoughts:
- We where very pleased with Eden Hotel in HCMC, excellent breakfast and nice overall. Hotels has been good, all of them.
- In Luang Prabang we stayed 15 minutes outside of the city, nice hotel but perhaps better to stay in the city
- The cruise on Halong Bay was very nice, especially after the upgrade we got. It thing we should have followed your advice and had a 2 night cruise instead of one night.
Once again, we are very pleased!

Best Regards
Ulf Akerberg from Sweden

We had such a great trip, loved it all!

Visited Vietnam in Nov 2014, from Australia

Hello there!
I just wanted to touch base to say a big thank you for all the work you did to make our trip to Vietnam a success. We had such a great trip, loved it all! We really appreciated how the service you offered us, everything went very well and we felt very well supported by your company during our stay.
In particular I thought you would like some feedback on our itinery.
Renaissance Hotel – Excellent, would definitely stay there again
Lee our Guide - we loved Lee, he was entertaining and very knowledgable, in particular our kids loved his company. It was very useful to have our own guide take us on these tours, I have recommended to my friends that this is a good way to go for future trips.

Mekong Delta Lodge – Lodge was good, we enjoyed doing the bike riding tours etc. Bikes need to be fixed up at that lodge, the seat fell off a bike when my youngest sons was riding the bike and another day the chain broke while he was riding it. All fine on the day, Lee sorted it all out, but they should fix the bikes because someone could get hurt on them.  We did enjoy this tour but would have liked to have learnt a bit more about the river system and in particular how it was used during the war etc. Set menus was a little bit difficult with children but mine managed ok. I think a lot of  Australian families with children would struggle to eat the types of food on the set menus, perhaps might be good to be able to pick items ourselves from the menu, this would also save a lot of food wastage.  

Cu Chi Tunnels tour – great, love it. Lee also went out of his way to take us to a cricket farm as the boys had told him they wanted to eat crickets!  With the Cu Chi Tunnels tour it would be a good idea to mention on the itinery that you can only fire the guns if you are over 18, my youngest sons were very disappointed that they could not fire the guns because they were not old enough. Would be useful to know that before you get there.

Forest Floor Lodge – Trekking was very good, it would have been good to have been warned about the leeches, we did not know we would have to wear long pants and all got covered with leeches. Kids loved that!!! The boat ride in crocodile lake was also closed, due to aggressive crocodiles. It would have been good to have been told that before we left for the hike as 5kms there and 5 kms back is a long way with not much break in between.  If I had known that I might have changed it to be a shorter hike. I would not stay at the Forest Floor Lodge again, I found that the lack of reliable electricity meant the showers were not working when we finished hiking, so very hot and sweaty and blood from leeches and the pump would not work to make the showers go. Also the hot water would not work. I understand that they have to ration electricity and turn generator off at night, but they obviously have problems with electricity during day as well. This was also evident with drinks, which were warm and watered down with only a little bit of ice in them. The kids were ordering juices and smoothies and they were really watery and warm. I ended up getting sick at this place, I think it may have been the water. Also the set menu, once again, we would prefer to pick our own food so we don’t waste so much. The accommodation rooms were nice, although our list said we were staying in tents, we were not in tents but cabins. Not sure if that was an upgrade or a downgrade! It’s a nice place but I don’t think it is geared up enough for tourists. The night safari was ok, not much too see and although the kids had great fun on the back of the ute, it was a bit dangerous as there were vines with thorns on them whipping past us, my husband got one across the neck with all the thorns stuck in his neck. Lucky he is tough! Would not have been good if it got the kids or in your eye. Maybe they should trip the vines or ask you to wear glasses on that tour. Overall the trekking was a great experience, the kids loved this, but the accommodation was not my favourite.

Nha Trang – love love loved Mia Resort. That was so good, especially after being sick at the Forest Floor Lodge!
Hue – Good tours. We did like Lok, he was a nice guy. We did have a bit more trouble understanding his English and kind of stopped asking some questions because we felt that we were getting very long and rambling answers. I think he was a bit worrid about his English. His English was fine, I think if he slowed down a little bit more, he would be easier to understand. Very nice man though and we were very happy to have him as our guide. Our driver here also was lots of fun as well. Tours all good.



We did not like the restaurant La Thong that we were taken to on the first day of this tour. They put us in a private room and kept standing over us checking on us all the time, it was very uncomfortable to eat like that. They were very worried that we enjoyed the food. The food was not that great, we had the set menu which was $70 US dollars for the five of us. The noodle soup had frozen vegetables in it (little cubes of carrot etc), the food was ok but very over priced for what it was. The drinks were very warm again and we were unsure if we should ask for ice or not. The big surprise was the bill, it came to about $130 Australian dollars which is a lot for an average lunch. This included 2 beers and soft drinks or juices for the rest of us and I thought it very over priced. We would have preferred the option of having cheaper option for lunch. We would have been happy with Bahn Mi and didn’t really appreciate having to pay for such an expensive lunch.The Sunspa Resort was pretty average but fine for one night. Very loud music made it difficult to sleep and the beds were rock hard.
The other hotel we stayed at for one night was really lovely, cannot remember what it was called!
We loved Hoi An, it was our favourite place in Vietnam. The Sunrise Hotel was good but unfortunately due to the weather we could not use any of the pools or beach etc. If I returned at that time of the year again, I would not stay at a seaside resort.
Sheraton in Hanoi – Fantastic Hotel, really enjoyed this place, although it was a bit out of the way.
Halong Bay trip – Indochine Junks, we had a lovely guide here, Duc I think was his name. This was a terrific tour, we loved our bout the Prince 111 and all the crew were great with the kids. Would definitely do that again. Big drive but worth it.
Final night at the Metropole. A nice was to finish off! Probably not worth the money as we didn’t have much time to enjoy it, but a nice way to finish a great holiday!
Thanks again for all your assistance, I will definitely write you a good review on trip adviser and I have some friends whom I am passing your name on to who want to come to Vietnam as well.
Until next time!!

Thanks so much
Megan and Paul, Max, Harry and Tom from Australia

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