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    Cat Ba Travel - "Pearl Of The Gulf Of Tonkin"

    10/28/2022 4:40:41 AM

     1. About Cat Ba, Hai Phong

    Cat Ba archipelago( Hai Phong) consists of 367 large and small islets, of which Cat Ba Island( also known as Pearl Island) is an islet favored by nature with great eventuality for tourism development. Although known for a long time, Cat Ba still retains its natural features thanks to its insulation.

    Where is Cat Ba Beach? Where is Cat Ba Island? This is a question numerous callers ask. Consequently, Cat Ba is located about 60 km from the center of Hai Phong megacity, a notorious sightseer destination chosen by numerous excursionists. Traveling to Cat Ba Hai Phong is veritably suitable for summer recesses or weekend recesses with musketeers and family.


    2. Best time to travel Cat Ba 

    Summer is the most ideal time to travel to Cat Ba. From April to October, Cat Ba's climate is fairly cool, veritably suitable for relaxation and swimming. Especially until May, June, July, Cat Ba is full of excursionists.

    You don't need to worry about the rainfall because at this time there are many storms. In July, August, the ocean is rough, pay attention to the rainfall cast for the coming 3- 5 days to make sure your trip to Hai Phong Cat Ba isn't canceled due to storms.

    From November to March, Cat Ba is fairly vacated, the whole city seems to hibernate. Still, this is the right time to witness and explore the natural beauty then. In downtime, this place substantially welcomes transnational excursionists to relax.

    3. Best Places to stay in Cat Ba

    For a complete trip, choosing the right accommodation is essential. In Cat Ba Island, there are numerous forms of accommodation similar as motels, Cat Ba hospices, and homestays. Still, according to my experience of traveling to Cat Ba Hai Phong, callers should choose comfortable hospices class, accessible for moving.


    Some of the stylish suggestions for excursionists in Cat Ba Hai Phong are:

    3.1 Flamingo Cat Ba Beach resort

    Address: Cat Co 1,2 Beach - Cat Ba Island - Cat Hai District - Hai Phong City - Viet Nam

    Flamingo Cat Ba Beach resort located in a famous landscape complex, Cat Ba Island has long been considered a "pearl" island in the North. In harmony with that natural beauty, the Flamingo Cat Ba Resort complex has a total area of ​​77,843 m2, including 756 high-rise villas. In addition to the world-class 5-star utility service complex, the project is also designed with a theater, conference and event center with a capacity of 1200 seats, becoming a large-scale conference center. and the most modern in Hai Phong with a 5-star accommodation booking service.


    3.2 Hotel Perle d'Orient Cat Ba 

    Address: Cat Co 3 Beach - Cat Ba Island - Cat Hai District - Hai Phong City - Viet Nam

    The hotel has up to 12 floors with a total of 121 rooms built in the style of traditional Vietnamese house model architecture combined with impressive historical and cultural values ​​​​of Indochina. The design in each room is imbued with the classic Indochine style, luxury and modernity, creating a deep impression on visitors at first sight. In particular, each room is fully equipped with the amenities of a 5-star hotel with selected furniture and decorative items, arranged in a harmonious and delicate way. The rooms at Hôtel Perle D'Orient Cat Ba Mgallery all have a private balcony with sea views, along with a luxury bathroom.

    4. Travel to Cat Ba - Memorable Experiences

    4.1. The most beautiful tourist destinations in Cat Ba.


    Cat Co Beach: 

    Cat Co sand is one of Cat Ba sightseer lodestones that attracts a large number of callers. The sand is divided into 3 zones, girdled by mountains and timbers. Explaining the name Cat Co, the people then believe that, when the land was still close to each other, the brownies in heaven frequently converted into white storks coming down then to bathe and enjoy. Up to now, Cat Co still retains its wild beauty as if it had no way been explored by mortal hands.

    Monkey Island: 

    This is a small islet not too far from Cat Ba Island. On the islet there are numerous monkeys, callers can freely play with this elite beast. Still, as recommended by the islet operation, you shouldn't tease or feed the monkeys strange foods.


    Lan Ha Bay: 

    Lan Ha is like an atomic Ha Long with innumerous small islets and flaxen strands at the bottom of rocky mountains. Traveling to Cat Ba Hai Phong, don't forget to take a boat to visit the sand, go to the floating fishing village of Van Gia to discover the life of fishers on the ocean.

    4.2. Experience interesting activities in Cat Ba Island Hai Phong

    In addition to discovering famous tourist destinations, Traveling to Cat Ba Hai Phong, you can also experience interesting activities:


    Kayaking : 

    Sitting on a floating kayak in the middle of the sea, wriggling into the caves where the rocks are, you will love the charming young water scenery that the Creator has bestowed on Cat Ba.


    Overnight on a yacht: 

    This will be an interesting experience in the Cat Ba Hai Phong travel itinerary. Visitors will be able to watch the sunset on the horizon or get up early to catch the first rays of the sun, enjoy premium dishes made from famous chefs... right on the sea. 


    Snorkeling to see coral: 

    This activity promises to bring you memorable experiences. Witnessing many rare and precious seafood species, watching the schools of fish racing around, visitors will have a different view of life in the ocean.


    5. Cat Ba Cuisine

    Coming to Cat Ba, in addition to relaxing moments, exploring outdoor activities, visitors also enjoy famous delicious specialties. 


    5.1. Ghe Xanh Hap 

     Cat Ba blue cranks are caught wild or raised in brackish water lagoons. The fresh, succulent cranks are reused in the way of the fishing village people, keeping the agreeableness just enough. A plate of Ghe Xanh Hap is always a menu not to be missed if traveling to Cat Ba Hai Phong. 



    5.2. Bun Tom Cat Ba

    Traveling to Cat Ba Hai Phong without enjoying the specialty Bun Tom is a mistake. This is a dish with a typical taste of the ocean, sophisticatedly set. 


    Hulled fresh shrimp, sauteed with dried onions, wood observance until they're hunted again. The vermicelli is soaked in boiling water, put in a coliseum, also added shrimp, fish cutlet, bay splint, a little diced laksa leaves and a many tomato slices. The broth is coddled from the bones and shells of shrimps. Enjoying a coliseum of vermicelli, you'll feel the agreeableness of shrimp and fish mixed with the agreeableness from the bone, awakening the taste kids of all callers. 



    5.3. Be Be Rang Muoi

    The characteristics of the face creatures in Cat Ba are round, large and lustrous bodies. To get a succulent interspersed roasted face, people have to go to the request beforehand to choose to buy fresh bones

    When processing, the meat must be complete, not crushed. The face of roasted swab has a characteristic succulent taste, attracting all callers. 


    5.4. Sam Bien

    Cat Ba Beach Hai Phong has numerous Sam Bien. Sam is reused into numerous succulent and nutritional dishes, bearing the characteristics of the ocean similar as Sam Bien salad, grilled ocean sam, sweet and sour ocean sam, grilled sam's egg. 

    According to the original people, ocean worms always go together, if one is caught, the other will die. Thus, if you enjoy ocean sam, you must order both to avoid" cold stomach". 



    5.5. Tu Hai

    Tu Hai, also known as the heliotrope crawler, is a nutritional seafood. Tu Hai live in numerous different swells, but the most succulent must be on Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong. This seafood can be reused into numerous dishes similar as Tu Hai salad, Tu Hai porridge, grilled onion fat. 

    The meat is sweet, leathery and ambrosial. Traveling to Cat Ba, you must surely try fumed tu comedy or grilled onion with fat. The salty taste of the ocean blends with the smooth dipping sauce to produce a perfect dish, attracting callers. 


    Favored by nature with many attractive beautiful scenes, Traveling to Cat Ba always attracts all tourists. Hopefully, the information about Cat Ba Hai Phong tourism that we provide above will help you plan a suitable schedule.


    What are you waiting for, contact #Vietnamstay to pack your bags and go !


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