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To be an operator in tourism, we always remind ourselves to take thoughtful actions and to participate in protecting the surrounding environment. For us, “sustainability” and “responsibility” have always been key words in our vocabulary.
In the beginning, we just wanted to warn, to act, use green suppliers, take part in green activities, and transmit correspondence of green travel to visitors. We are totally convinced of the incredible importance of travel. It is only through traveling and through meeting people that we begin to understand that we are all sharing this world. We are all going along for the ride despite the barriers which governments, religions, and economic and political beliefs often seem to build up between us.

We take responsible tourism very seriously, and always aim to be the industry leader. We operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, employing local services whenever possible to ensure economic benefits in the communities we visit. This commitment also offers our travelers more enriching experiences—a home-stay in a tribal village, for example, which would give you an authentic feeling of the place during your visit.

We also care for the local communities. We always try to give back to the local people, especial to children to encourage them overcome difficulties of living conditions, support their studying for their better future. That's why we establishe VietnamStay - For Children Fund. (Click here for more information on our fund's activities).


Join us and “Love Traveling, Love Saving the Environment”!

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