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    Christmas Event in Vietnam

    12/17/2018 4:26:09 AM

     Christmas in Vietnam is mainly celebrated in the night of December 24th and the 25th. Even though the holiday still has the cheeful and family vibe, the main purpose and meaning of Christmas are not really popular to all Vietnamese. Not all of the traditions are strickly followed. To the ones that are not Crhistian, it is more of an occasion for relaxing and hanging out with friends and family. To the ones that are Christian, it is considered to be one of the most important events of the year, just like Western countries.

    Giving Presents and Santa Claus:
    To all children, it is the time they expect presents from their parent, no matter they are Christan or not. Most of the kids know that gift are from their parents, even thought the tale of Santa is widely know. Santa Claus is still the image of a kind old man who gives gifts to children, so there are many people dress up as Santa to give present to homeless shildren and children at the orphandes on this special holiday.

    Christmas Tree Decoration:
    Chrismas Tree Decoration Hanoi Vietnam
    In tropical such as Vietnam. pines are not popular. You can only find it in some mountainous place with cool weather like Da Lat. Hence, Vietnamese, especially the Christians and corporates, often do thw Christmas decoration with artficial pines made of plastic. There is a wide rage of selection from green pine to pine wich is covered with pine cones. Similar to Western people, Vietnames will hang on the Christmas tree different kinds of decorative such as a couple of bells, socks, Santa Claus, candy, Chistmas tree lights, garland, and ornments. You can buy the trees and decorations in shops on Hai Thuong Lan Ong Street (HCM).
    Street Decoration:
    Steets Decoration in Christmas Hanoi Vietnam
    Christmas in Vietnam is often noiced when the attractive decorations of shopping malls and big steets are displayed. Thse are often the place where people will come and enjoy the atmosphere, as well as take photos to save the memories of one of the most beatiful time of the year. There are also steets and districts that the maority of inhabitants there are Christians. This makes the neighborhood is very well-decorated with caves and sometimes artificial snow too. 
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