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    Festivals in Laos

    12/3/2018 9:27:46 PM

      1. Lao Food Festival – 3 days in January

    Influenced by its neighbours, Laos has plenty of dishes to satisfy your taste buds. Try all of the typical dishes and more at the stalls of Food festival in Vientiane.
    Lao Food Festival
    2. Lao New Year (Pi Mai Lao) – 3 days April
    New Year in Laos is the biggest festival of the year, celebrated with water which represents renewal in Buddhism. Join the celebration with an umbrella and be prepare to get wet wherever you go as water is thrown on everyone. Lao New Year is celebrated everywhere in the country, some attractions and roads will be closed in the cities so it’s recommended to book everything in advance.
    3. Rocket Festival or Boun Bang Fai – in May or June
    Traditionally, The rocket festival is a ceremony believed to bring the rains so that rice planting can begin. Celebrations typically take two to three days and include music and dance performances, competitive processions of floats, dancers and musicians, and culminate on the third day in competitive firings of home-made rockets.
    Rocket Festival or Boun Bang Fai
    4. Boun Khao Padabdin – in September
    During this religious festival, Lao people visit the temples with offerings. This is interesting for travelers because it includes the famous dragon boat races on the Nam Khan River.
    5. Boat racing festival – 1 week in October
    Vientiane boat racing is one of the most important Laos festivals, it is huge and the town shuts down as street fairs take over the riverfront. The boat race is on the last day from the morning until late afternoon.

    6. Handicrafts Festival – 7 days in November
    The Handicrafts Festival in Vientiane is perfect to make your shopping. Unique souvenir hunters have a choice from a wide range of jewelry, art, textiles and pottery. You can even attend to demonstrations.
    Handicrafts Festival
    7. Fire Boat Festival (Lai Heua Fai) – in November
    This is a monthly event transforming the UNESCO-listed Site and especially the Ancient Town into a colorful display of paper lanterns.In the UNESCO town of Luang Prabang, during an evening ritual, hundreds of lanterns are lighted on paper boats made by the proud local villagers to celebrate the end of Buddhist lent. You can participate and make your own paper boat before taking it down to the Mekong River.
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