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    Loy Krathong - Thailand Light Festival

    10/31/2019 4:26:45 AM
     From the 11th to 13th November this year, Thailand will be lightened in magical Loy Kratong Festival! If somebody asks me what the most interesting and beautiful in the world is. I will answer immediately it is Loy Krathong Festival in Thailand without thinking twice, as Loy Krathong brings the most amazing spirit, breathtaking view, and attractive cultural story to anyone who is in the country at this time. As one of the most anticipated annual festivals.
    Loy Krathong is held throughout the Kingdom of Thailand, especially the Northern city of Chiang Mai and the capital of Bangkok. In Thai, Loy means "to float", whilst "Krathong" is the name of the small lotus-shaped rafts which are made special of the occasion.
    Although there are lot of amazing performance and programs for this festival such as spectacular fireworks, colorful parades, the most exciting moment is the time when all Thai launch their Krathong into the rivers bringing their whishes true.
    This is the English lyric of the Thai's popular song about Loy Krathong: "November full moon shines, Loy Krathong, Loy Krathong, and the water's high in the river and local klong, Loy Loy Krathong, Loy Loy Krathong, Loy Krathong is here and everybody's full of cheer, We're together at the klong, Each one with his Krathong, As we push away we pray, We can see a better day."
    Thai people it would seem cannot enjoy a year without their "spiritual food" - Loy Krathong. Many tourists who are lucky enough to be in Thailand for Loy Krathong describe it as "a once in a lifetime experience" as it is the most colourful and visually stunning festivals.
    If you are in Thailand this time of the year, you will witness the incredible sigh where thousands of people gather next to the rivers, praying in silence, amongst the sparkling light from thousands of candles in the Krathongs. Local people call it "quiet celebration" and the one of the most scared  moment in the year as they consider it's time they let go of their grudges, anger, bad luck, sadness and starting anew.
    The Loy Krathong festival dates back about 700 years with it own for her bounty in providing water for the livehood of the people, and asking for forgiveness for the making water polluted. All are watching their candles and wish they will maintain longer and longer as they consider the light stands for eternity and wish accoplishment. The sight is really profound that makes everybody moved; the whole city, the whole country is heading to the same wish, they are praying for hapiness and dreaming of a light future. Loy Krathong is really time to think about the journey of the human through life, the meaning of life, the thanksgiving for having beloved people whom thay are enjoying this festival with.
    Chiang Mai is certainly one of the most beautiful in Thailand. Possibly the best time to visit the city is during the magical celebration Loy Krathong, which also coincides with the festival of Yi Peng. A magical sight with thousands of sky lanterns (called Khom Loi) will make you feel as you are lost in a wonderland.
    Tourists have known the Loy Krathong celebration in Chiang Mai as the most romantic festival in the world. Many couples around the world plan for their romantic trips to Chiang Mai Thailand in this occasion just to see the incredible sight of lanterns in the sky and launch their own lantern to the sky, wishing for their love flourishing.

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