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    One Day Get Away With Hue Scooter Tour

    10/19/2023 9:11:22 PM

    There are many various approaches you can take if you want to travel to different parts of the world. You had the option of renting a car or choosing to walk everywhere. You can also bring your vehicle if your destination is not far from a huge body of water or if you can take a boat!

    It can be risky to travel to places you're unfamiliar with. You must develop the necessary skills to deal with various traffic behaviors, drive on different sides of the road, and simply be more alert in general.
    Vietnam has just come to our attention as interest in Asian nations has grown. If you've chosen to travel to this country from a different part of the world, your best bet is to take a scooter tour.
    Hue could be your long-awaited retreat if you are enthusiastic about Vietnamese culture or simply want to get away from the neon lights and gridlock of big cities. Despite Southeast Asia's growing urbanization, the ancient royal city charms visitors with beautiful scenery, a serene ambiance, religious traditions, centuries-old historic architecture, and notable examples of tangible and intangible cultural heritages that have been recognized by UNESCO. Before making travel plans to Hue, Vietnam, this article will arm you with the knowledge you require.

    I. Why traveling by scooter could be the best idea?

    1. Meeting new friend

    One of the main motivations for traveling is to interact with natives in the country or city you are visiting. And using a scooter only makes things worse!
    Vietnamese people are incredibly nice. It's very usual for onlookers to wave at you as you pass and for kids to follow you. In fact, because so much of the land is so secluded, the residents are especially hospitable.
    You may ask for directions or just start a conversation with locals if you're riding a scooter! English is one of the languages used in Vietnam, so don't be concerned about it. Even though your attempts at broken Vietnamese, you'll still be accepted if you're still apprehensive!
    2 woman with their drivers 
    In addition to seeing the nation, you also get the added benefit of meeting other travelers with similar interests.

    2. Finding out about local food in every corner

    Without sampling some of the local cuisine, no journey to a new country would be complete. Vietnam also arrived well-prepared! They are a nation renowned for their traditional cuisine and street food.
    You can find pretty ubiquitous recipes like beef noodles (or noodles in general) available even if you're not the most adventurous in the kitchen. If you want something simple, you can even find fresh baguettes!
    You'll experience local cuisine and street food even more personally if you travel by scooter, especially in the more outlying regions. If you're fortunate, you'll visit a community where the residents will be happy to tell you everything about a particular local delicacy.

    Here are some suggestions for your scooter food tour:

    2.1. Bun Bo Hue

    Vietnam's most well-known and well-liked meal is Bun Bo Hue (Hue beef noodles), which can be found all around the nation. Hue beef noodle soup tastes strongly of lemongrass. Additionally, it contains a delicious-smelling beef and bone broth and shrimp paste. In Hue, you'll observe that the vermicelli is served with tiny, rice-flour-made noodles. These noodles, known as "fresh vermicelli," are what make Hue beef noodle soup "true."

    2.2. Banh Canh Hue (Thick noodle soup)

    You must have Banh Canh, a thick noodle soup, in addition to Hue beef noodle. Because shrimp and crab bricks are used to make the broth in Hue Banh Canh, it is often crimson in color. Thick rice noodles, thinly sliced pork, fried white tofu, crab meat, and veggies are all included in one dish.

    2.3. Mussel rice

    Locals in Hue often have mussel rice for breakfast
    Every street in Hue can be found with mussel rice, from little vendors by the side of the road to upscale dining establishments. All you need are basic ingredients like leftover rice, mussels, spice sauce, tofu that has been deep-fried, banana blossoms, roasted peanuts, and bean sprouts. In Hue, mussel rice is frequently extremely hot and seasoned with a lot of sauce. The flavor is straightforward but so delicious that once you experience it, you'll never forget it.

    2.4. Nem lui

    Although it is a common dish in the country's center, Hue is where it is most well-known. The lemongrass is wrapped around the spiced ground pork, which is then cooked over hot charcoal until it turns golden brown. A stick of Nem Lui has a potent lemongrass aroma and pairs well with raw figs, herbs, star fruit, bean sprouts, and thinly sliced green bananas. It complements a complex dipping sauce prepared from pig liver and cinnamon stick exceptionally nicely.

    2.5. Hue Sweet Soups

    Different types of Hue sweet soups
    Hue sweet soups are a well-known and well-liked dish that both locals and visitors adore in Hue. Since they've been operating for more than 20 years, several alley sweet soup establishments have developed distinctive flavors. Taro banana soup, bean curd, lotus seed, roasted pork in a tapioca ball, and other sweet soups are some of the most well-liked sweet dishes. The merchant frequently adds greasy coconut cream on top of the sweet soup, which makes them look quite alluring.

    3. Easily viewing the beautiful scenery

    Scooters, as previously noted, are the best means of sightseeing. On a scooter, you get to be in the open air, enjoying the sites firsthand as they come. And Hue offers some of the most beautiful places for you to gaze upon.
    Visitors travel on scooters with excitement

    II. Hue scooter tour highlights

    1. Thanh Toan bridge

    One of the well-known tourist sites in Hue is the Thanh Toan covered bridge, which can be found in the districts of Huong Thuy and Thuy Thanh in the province of Thua Thien Hue. The distance to Hue's city center is roughly 8 kilometers.
    A canal that runs through Thanh Toan village from beginning to finish spans the bridge. The majority of the village's patriarchs are Thanh Hoa people who came here to live with Nguyen Hoang Lord around the tail end of the 16th century. Later, money was given to the hamlet to build this bridge by Mrs. Tran Thi Dao, a niece of the Tran family (about the sixth generation). The bridge received national monument status in 1990.
    Thanh Toan Bridge

    2. Dong Ba Market

    Currently situated on the north side of the Perfume River, between Truong Tien Bridge and Gia Hoi Bridge, is Dong Ba Market, which has been around for more than a century. 
    Dong Ba Market, which has three floors and a total size of 47,614m2, is more than just a location for commerce; it is also a well-known attraction with distinctive Vietnamese and French-style architecture, with a large clock tower serving as the market's centerpiece and emblem. 
    This market in Hue offers a wide variety of commodities to view and purchase, including consumer goods, clothing, delectable foods, and regional specialties. Vietnamese staples including fish sauce and dried seafood are found on the first floor. Vietnamese conical hats, jewelry and accessories, and ceramic items may be found on the second floor. On the third floor are fabrics, silk, clothing, and traditional Vietnamese garments (Ao Dai).
    Outside of this market in Hue is a street full of food and specialties from Hue cuisine. Special dishes such as Nam Pho bread soup, Van Cu noodle soup, pork spring vermicelli, spring rolls, and sugar cane juices. 
    Hue noodle soup at Dong Ba market

    3. Khai Dinh Tomb

    Relics from the Hue Imperial Citadel include the Khai Dinh Tomb and Ung Lang. The tomb can be found in Chau Chuc village, Huong Thuy Town, province of Thua Thien Hue. In Vietnam's feudal past, Khai Dinh, the 12th monarch of the Nguyen Dynasty, was laid to rest here.

    The architecture of this tomb blends European and Vietnamese styles. The monument is incredibly impressive due to the concrete's ebony exterior covering the tomb. The interior decor is much more vivid, nevertheless, thanks to the numerous mosaics. 
    Together with Tu Duc Tomb, Khai Dinh Tomb is a piece of art and architecture. It increases the variety of the Hue Tomb Complex and is worthwhile to include in both Vietnam travel packages and Hue day tours.
    Khai Dinh Tomb

    4. Vong Canh Hill

    The hill, which is just 43 meters high and 7 kilometers from Hue's center, has its foot near to the Perfume River, which is running slowly. There is a hill named Vong Canh on the approach to Tu Duc Tomb, which at first glance seems to fit in with Hue's other well-known tourist attractions. Tourists shouldn't skip this location, though, as it is thought to be the ideal location to get a broad view of the Perfume River. This is evident from the name, where "Vong" stands for "watch, observe," and "Canh" for "scene."
    Perfume River from Vong Canh Hill
    The villages that run along the river's banks - Huong Ho, Hai Cat, Ngoc Ho, etc. - often captivate viewers with their fruit orchards shaded by pine trees, cornfields, and fleeting lines of small boats skimming the still water. The soft-silk-strip Perfume River enchants onlookers with the ambiance it adds to the lives around it from sunrise to sunset. The magnificent and intricate transformations of the watercolors on various tones of sky and light are visible from Vong Canh Hill.

    5. Traditional garden houses

    Hue garden homes have not actually been given an official definition, but based on its history, it can be summarised as follows: Hue's traditional garden homes are made up of a typical folk house, or "ruong" house, with wooden beams and pillars as its main structural elements, and a large garden that surrounds the home and is planted with numerous ornamental plants, flowers, fruit trees, vegetables, and other fragrant plants that directly benefit the family's daily needs. The front masonry screen, the rockwork, the connected mural inscriptions (of vertical parallel sentences or horizontal board), and the doorway are additional subsidiary buildings. All of these influence the owner's preferences, sources of inspiration, and personalities in addition to feng shui aspects in a unified environment.
    Hue garden houses include royal residences, private worshipping houses, ancestral temples, and shrines dedicated to meritorious mandarins or traditional garden houses.
    An Hien Garden House in Hue

    6. Huyen Tran Princess Temple 

    Temple of Huyen Tran, Princess In Hue City's An Tay Ward, Hue is situated at 151 Thien Thai Street. The temple is located on Ngu Phong Mountain, which extends over a surface area of up to 28.5 hectares (in Ngu Tay village). The temple softly rises from the mountain's foothills to its peak. In addition, there are mountains and hills with pine forests on all four sides. Standing atop the mountain, you can see a wide area and the entire city of Hue out in the distance.
    Temple of Huyen Tran, Princess Hue has two primary places of worship: the Tran Nhan Tong Emperor Temple and the Huyen Tran Princess Temple. Following three sizable courtyards paved with Bat Trang bricks are four enormous pillars on the exterior, each with a stone figure at the foot. The Huyen Tran Princess shrine and the Tam Quan neighborhood are in front of a lake and a small bridge after that. All of the pieces are symmetrically aligned on a straight axis.
    The overview of Huyen Tran Temple
    The Huyen Tran Temple Festival is held annually on the ninth day of the first lunar month to honor the contributions that Emperor Tran Nhan Tong and Princess Huyen Tran made to the development of the nation in the past. As a result, the event is staged on a big scale and consists mostly of ceremonials, artistic endeavors, and games.

    III. Final words

    Here is the plan that we have synthesized in the most detailed way so that you can find it easier to follow and explore Hue city. Hope you can enjoy the vacation fully with your partner and do not forget to take a look at our blog for more useful information.
    You can thoroughly immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of this wonderful scooter city by booking your Hue tour with VietnamStay. You can maximize your time in Hue and generate priceless memories with the help of our knowledgeable guides and custom itineraries.


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