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    "One Day as A Fisherman" on Binh Ngoc Beach

    10/13/2022 4:07:06 AM

    Binh Ngoc Ward is blessed by nature with many scenic spots, rich history and typical local culture. deeply imbued ethnic identities. These are very favorable conditions for Binh Ngoc's tourism and service industry to develop. Binh Ngoc is increasingly becoming a tourist destination to explore the experience of Mong Cai City. If you like to explore the type of tourist experience, coming to Binh Ngoc, you will be surprised when you admire the wild beauty of Binh Ngoc beach

    1. Location of Binh Ngoc beach


    Binh Ngoc beach located about 10 km from the center of Mong Cai City, Quang Ninh Province to the East, Binh Ngoc beach is connected to Tra Co beach, with fine sand, 17 km long from Ngoc Mountain to Sa Vi headland - still keeping the wild features considered unique in the sea and island system of Vietnam, with Da Den - Binh Ngoc beach wild, poetic, clouds in water shadow nestled at the foot of Ngoc mountain. Especially the feeling of touching the crystal clear water, driving through the poetic poplar road known as "the most poetic street in the city", admiring the beautiful nature and not to be missed the experience "One day as a fisherman".


    1. What does a day as a fisherman have?


    When participating in the experience on Binh Ngoc beach, you will be transformed into real fishermen, going to the sea to pull nets, catching seafood and processing and enjoying traditional dishes with sea residents. The finished products collected by visitors are mentioned as guava, mullet, shrimp, hats... just hearing about it, you'll love it, right? After a fishing session, you will definitely have a hearty, fresh lunch in the coastal style. The cool sea breeze brings with it the typical salty taste of the sea, sweeping away the chaos of daily life. Promises to bring you interesting experiences.



    The fishing often relies on the tide calendar to monitor before going fishing, tourists do not take the boat to fish but walk to catch in the place where the sea water is knee-deep, about 1m deep. With the guidance of local fishermen on Binh Ngoc beach, you'll learn how to cast a net, draw fish in the traditional fishing way, and be specifically instructed to avoid areas that are likely to be swampy, subsidence, or where there are pits, abysses, rocky rapids, most… After about 50 to 60 minutes of experience on Binh Ngoc beach, visitors return to process the seafood they have just caught and then enjoy seafood in the way of local people. 


    1. After the experience program


    Experiencing a day as a fisherman is an outstanding community-based tourism product with its own identity of Binh Ngoc ward. The vibrancy in the daily life of fishermen has been wrapped up in a short journey full of impressions and emotions that surely visitors will still remember even after returning. If you go to the field, travel to explore the experience, you will see the bare life of fishermen, although favored by nature, it is impossible to guarantee that any drop of the net will bring a lot of fish and shrimp. “One day as a fisherman” on Binh Ngoc beach is really worth the experience.

    Let's experience many interesting things with #Vietnamstay on Binh Ngoc beach!

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