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    The Best Culinary Delights at Terminal 21 Food Court, Bangkok

    1/23/2024 1:44:45 AM

    What to eat at Terminal 21 Food Court? If you're in Bangkok and seeking a diverse array of mouthwatering options, join us on a culinary journey through the bustling flavors of Bangkok right at Terminal 21 Food Court! Here, you can indulge in a variety of unique and delicious offerings, ranging from traditional street food to upscale culinary choices.

    I. Introduction 

    At Terminal 21 Food Court, you will have the opportunity to indulge in various affordable yet high-quality Thai dishes, not inferior to those in luxurious places. Notable options include appetizers like Tom Yum Goong, famous main courses that everyone must try such as Pat Thai, and unforgettable desserts, along with delicious and juicy fresh fruits available here. Moreover, at Terminal 21 Food Court, you can also savor enticing Chinese and Korean cuisine. Let's begin this exploration together!

    II. Overview

    Terminal 21 Food Court, located at Sukhumvit Rd, Bangkok is an unmissable culinary destination in the journey of exploring the city's diverse food scene. Positioned strategically in the heart of the Terminal 21 shopping district, Terminal 21 Food Court creates a vibrant and convenient atmosphere for both travelers and locals.

    Terminal 21 Food Court  in Bangkok

    Location: 5 Floor, Terminal 21, Sukhumvit Rd, Bangkok

    Opening hours: Open daily 10:00 - 22:00

    III. What to eat

    1. Thai Culinary Delights:

    Indulge in the rich flavors of authentic Thai cuisine at Terminal 21 Food Court, a paradise for enthusiasts of Thai gastronomy. Explore the following recommended Thai dishes within the vibrant culinary offerings:

    1.1 Soups

    1.1.1 Tom Yum Goong 

    Immerse yourself in the bold, fragrant, and spicy taste of the iconic Thai delicacy, Tom Yum Goong. Crafted with expertise at Krua Thai Cuisine Restaurant, located at No. 10 within Terminal 21 Food Court, this flavorful soup promises an exceptional dining experience.

    Tom Yum Goong is a culinary masterpiece, featuring a blend of lemongrass, chili, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, shallots, fresh lemon juice, and fish sauce. Generously filled with succulent shrimp and fresh mushrooms, it creates a harmonious symphony of flavors that truly captures the essence of Thai cuisine.

    Location: Krua Thai Cuisine Restaurant (No. 10), Terminal 21 Food Court

    Opening Hours: Open daily 10:00 - 22:00

    Price Range: 30-60 bath


    Tom Yum Goong - A Symphony of Bold Thai Flavors

    1.1.2 Tom Kha Gai

    For those who prefer a milder option or are not fans of seafood, treat yourself to the exquisite Tom Kha Gai at Krua Thai Cuisine Restaurant (No. 10). This Thai coconut milk soup with chicken offers a delightful alternative, showcasing the culinary prowess of Terminal 21 Food Court.

    Tom Kha Gai is a beloved Thai soup, and Krua Thai Cuisine Restaurant expertly prepares this dish to perfection. The soup features tender chicken immersed in a rich coconut milk broth, infused with the harmonious flavors of galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and Thai herbs. This delectable creation is a testament to the diverse and flavorful offerings at Terminal 21 Food Court.

    Location: Krua Thai Cuisine Restaurant (No. 10), Terminal 21 Food Court

    Opening Hours: Open daily 10:00 - 22:00

    Price Range: 30-60 baht


    Tom Kha Gai - A Thai Elixir for the Soul

    1.2 Main Course

    1.2.1 Pad Thai

    Embrace the allure of Thailand's most renowned dish, Pad Thai, a harmonious blend of succulent shrimp or tender chicken, or opt for the delightful vegetarian version with a medley of fresh, crisp vegetables. This iconic dish, widely celebrated for its vibrant flavors, is not only a staple found on street corners across Thailand but is also a culinary gem awaiting discovery at Terminal 21 Food Court.

    At Terminal 21, Pad Thai – Hoy Tod St. Louis Restaurant (No. 5) elevates the Pad Thai experience by offering a diverse selection of variations to tantalize your taste buds. Picture fragrant rice noodles stir-fried to perfection, enveloping the chosen protein or vegetables, and garnished with the signature combination of crushed peanuts, lime, and cilantro. The result is a harmonious symphony of sweet, savory, and slightly tangy notes that define the essence of authentic Pad Thai.

    Location: Pad Thai – Hoy Tod St. Louis Restaurant (No. 5), Terminal 21 Food Court

    Opening Hours: Open daily 10:00 - 22:00 

    Price Range:  30-85 baht


    Pad Thai -  A Culinary Icon of Thailand's Rich Flavor Palette

    1.2.2 Rad na

    Immerse yourself in the tantalizing world of Thai street food with Rad Na, a culinary masterpiece that captivates the senses. This delightful concoction features flat rice noodles, skillfully wok-fried to achieve a slightly charred surface, providing a perfect canvas for the symphony of flavors that follow.

    At Terminal 21 Food Court, the Rad Na experience reaches its pinnacle at Kha Moo Nakornchaisri Restaurant (No. 8). Picture a steaming plate of expertly fried noodles, generously topped with a savory gravy that seamlessly melds with your choice of meat and an assortment of crisp, vibrant vegetables. Each bite is a harmonious blend of textures and tastes, creating a sensory journey that lingers on the palate.

    Location: Kha Moo Nakornchaisri Restaurant (No. 8), Terminal 21 Food Court

    Opening Hours: Open daily 10:00 - 22:00

    Price Range:  37-89 baht


    Rad Na - Street Food Extravaganza

    1.2.3 Thai Massaman curry

    Embark on a culinary journey with the rich and mildly spicy Thai Massaman Curry, a fusion masterpiece that gracefully weaves together influences from Persia, the Indian Subcontinent, and the Malay Archipelago. This complex and aromatic dish is a testament to the diverse cultural tapestry of Thai cuisine.

    At Terminal 21 Food Court, the pinnacle of Thai Massaman Curry awaits you at Long Lae Yellow Curry Rice Restaurant (No. 4). Picture a velvety, slow-cooked curry, artfully crafted with precision to achieve the perfect balance of flavors. Indulge in the tender meat or hearty vegetables bathed in a luscious blend of coconut milk and cream, creating a symphony of tastes that dance on your taste buds.

    Location: Long Lae Yellow Curry Rice Restaurant (No. 4), Terminal 21 Food Court

    Opening Hours: Open daily 10:00 - 22:00

    Price Range:  25-50 baht


    Thai Massaman Curry - Fusion Excellence

    1.2.4 Khao Man Gai

    Satisfy your palate with the exquisite flavors of Khao Man Gai, a savory Thai classic that has captured the hearts and taste buds of diners across the country for lunch and dinner. At Terminal 21 Food Court, Tai Heng Restaurant (No. 3) stands as your ultimate destination to relish the authentic taste of this beloved dish.

    Picture a plate adorned with perfectly cooked, fragrant Thai jasmine rice, accompanied by succulent poached chicken and a side of meticulously crafted ginger-infused sauce. Tai Heng Restaurant ensures that each element of Khao Man Gai embodies the true essence of this time-honored dish. The interplay of textures and the delicate balance of flavors create a culinary experience that transports you straight to the vibrant street markets of Thailand.

    Location: Tai Heng Restaurant (No. 3), Terminal 21 Food Court

    Opening Hours: Open daily 10:00 - 22:00

    Price Range:  30-100 baht


    Khao Man Gai - A Thai Classic

    1.3 Dessert

    1.3.1 Mango Sticky Rice

    Embark on your dining experience with the beloved Mango Sticky Rice,  known as Kao Niew Mamuang, Mango Sticky Rice, or Kao Niew Mamuang, at Terminal 21 Food Court, where Cheng Sim Ei Restaurant (No. 24) takes center stage. As one of Thailand's favorite and most popular desserts, this heavenly treat beckons with the promise of a harmonious blend of flavors and textures.

    Cheng Sim Ei Restaurant invites you to indulge in the sheer joy of Mango Sticky Rice. This masterpiece artfully combines tender sticky rice, ripe and luscious mango slices, a dollop of velvety coconut ice cream, and a generous drizzle of sticky rice sauce. Each spoonful is a symphony of sweetness and creaminess, showcasing the perfection achieved by blending Thailand's finest ingredients.

    Location: Cheng Sim Ei Restaurant (No. 24), Terminal 21 Food Court

    Opening Hours: Open daily 10:00 - 22:00

    Price Range:  25-35 baht


    Mango Sticky Rice - Sweet Bliss in Every Bite

    1.3.2 Thai Crispy Pancake

    Indulge your sweet tooth in the enchanting Thai Crispy Pancake, locally known as Khanom Buang, a cherished dessert hailing from central Thailand. Elevating this delightful treat to new heights is Khanom Buang Pannee Restaurant (No. 33) at Terminal 21 Food Court, where a symphony of flavors awaits.

    Picture delicate, crispy pancake layers that cradle an array of delectable toppings. Khanom Buang Pannee Restaurant entices you with a choice of two exquisite toppings – sweet egg yolk threads and savory coconut infused with Thai herbs. The contrast between the crispy pancake layers and the rich, flavorful toppings creates a visually appealing and taste bud-tantalizing experience.

    Location: Khanom Buang Pannee Restaurant (No. 33), Terminal 21 Food Court

    Opening Hours: Open daily 10:00 - 22:00

    Price Range: 25-30 baht


    A Delightful Fusion of Crispy and Creamy Perfection

    1.3.3 Thai Fruits

    Revitalize your palate with the vibrant flavors of seasonal Thai fruits, thoughtfully curated and available at various stalls within Terminal 21 Food Court. 

    If you prefer enjoying the natural goodness of whole fruits, visit Chao Saun Fruit Shop (No. 31). Indulge in a variety of impeccably cut local Thai fruits, each offering a burst of flavors that showcase Thailand's rich agricultural heritage. From succulent mangoes that burst with sweetness to juicy pineapples and refreshing watermelons, the stalls present a refreshing interlude to your culinary journey at Terminal 21 Food Court.

    Location: Chao Saun Fruit Shop (No. 31), Terminal 21 Food Court

    Opening Hours: Open daily 10:00 - 22:00

    Price Range:  18 baht


    A Symphony of Tropical Freshness at Terminal 21 Food Court

    1.4 Drink

    Mellow the spice and enhance your dining experience with traditional Thai beverages at Terminal 21. Explore the diverse drink options available at the following stalls:

    1.4.1 Tam Pen Juicez Restaurant (No. 26)

    This stall is a haven for those seeking a delightful mix of various Thai fruits in a cool and invigorating beverage.

    Location: Tam Pen Juicez Restaurant (No. 26), Terminal 21 Food Court

    Opening Hours: Open daily 10:00 - 22:00

    Price Range:  20-40 baht


     Refreshing Thai Fruits Blended with Ice

    1.4.2 Eia Sae Plus Restaurant (No. 27) 

    Immerse yourself in a world of flavors with Eia Sae Plus, offering a variety of coffee, tea, milk drinks, and refreshing juices. From aromatic Thai coffee to classic Thai iced tea, indulge in a range of beverages that complement your culinary journey.

    Location: Eia Sae Plus Restaurant (No. 27), Terminal 21 Food Court

    Opening Hours: Open daily 10:00 - 22:00

    Price Range:  20-30 baht


    Savor the Flavor of Thai Coffee

    1.4.3 Mueng Krung Coconut Ice Cream (No. 28) 

    Quench your thirst with coconut-infused treats at Mueng Krung Coconut Ice Cream. Savor the natural goodness of coconut water and explore a delightful range of coconut-based beverages, providing a sweet and refreshing respite.

    Location: Mueng Krung Coconut Ice Cream (No. 28), Terminal 21 Food Court

    Opening Hours: Open daily 10:00 - 22:00

    Price Range:  15-35 baht


    Refreshing Thai Coconut Ice Cream

    1.4.4 Ice Cream & Refreshment (No. 29) 

    Experience a burst of tropical flavors at Ice Cream & Refreshment. This stall offers an array of beverages, including coconut, sugarcane, and palm sugar juice. Elevate your dining experience with these invigorating and naturally sweetened options.

    Location: Ice Cream & Refreshment (No. 29), Terminal 21 Food Court

    Opening Hours: Open daily 10:00 - 22:00

    Price Range:  7-28 baht


    Sip and Savor the Authentic Flavors of Thai Beverages

    1.4.5 Lalla Coffee Corner (No. 30) 

    Diversify your palate with the extensive selection at Lalla Coffee Corner. Choose from a diverse range of hot and cold coffee, tea, and other beverages, expertly crafted to complement the rich and diverse flavors of Thai cuisine.

    Location: Lalla Coffee Corner (No. 30), Terminal 21 Food Court

    Opening Hours: Open daily 10:00 - 22:00

    Price Range:  27-35 baht


    Enjoy Delicious Drinks Together

    2. Other foreign dishes

    Terminal 21 Food Court at Terminal 21 Shopping Mall isn't just a haven for Thai cuisine; it also offers a diverse array of international dishes that will satisfy every palate. Here are some must-try foreign dishes.

    2.1 Chinese Dim Sum

    Dive into the world of refined and savory Chinese dim sum at Terminal 21 Food Court, where the Chinese section beckons with a delightful array of flavors. Indulge in meticulously crafted steamed dumplings, irresistible buns, and other delectable offerings that promise a gastronomic journey through the diverse flavors of Chinese cuisine.

    For an authentic and satisfying experience, make your way to Dragon X Restaurant (No. 22). Here, the culinary artisans bring the essence of Chinese dining to Terminal 21, offering a menu that includes not only an exquisite selection of dim sum but also succulent roasted duck and tantalizing sesame noodles.

    Location: Dragon X Restaurant (No. 22), Terminal 21 Food Court

    Opening Hours: Opening Hours: Open daily 10:00 - 22:00

    Price Range:  7-45 baht


    Savor the tastes of Chinese cuisine in the heart of Bangkok

    2.2 Korean Dishes

    Immerse yourself in the unique flavors and textures of iconic Korean dishes, with a special invitation from Skyluck Restaurant (No. 20) to experience the rich tapestry of Korean culinary treasures. 

    One highlight not to be missed is the renowned Bibimbap, a visually stunning mixed rice dish adorned with an array of vibrant vegetables, thinly sliced meat (typically beef), and a spicy gochujang (chili pepper paste) sauce. Skyluck Restaurant brings the authentic taste of Korea to Terminal 21, allowing you to savor the unique blend of flavors and textures that make Korean cuisine truly special.

    Location: Skyluck Restaurant (No. 20), Terminal 21 Food Court

    Opening Hours: Opening Hours: Open daily 10:00 - 22:00

    Price Range: 30-40 baht


    Discover Korean Delicacies in Thailand

    3. Price

    Terminal 21 Food Court, where not only are the flavors rich and diverse, but the prices are incredibly wallet-friendly. Delight in a budget-conscious dining experience as the average cost for a satisfying lunch, complete with delectable food, tempting desserts, and refreshing drinks, amounts to just 100 Baht (equivalent to approximately 65,000 VND) per person. This exceptional value ensures that patrons can relish a well-rounded meal without sacrificing taste or breaking the bank.

    Exploring the culinary offerings at Terminal 21 Food Court unveils a plethora of affordable options. The average price for an individual dish hovers around the modest sum of 30 Baht. This means that diners can indulge in a variety of mouthwatering dishes without compromising on quality or variety. Whether you're a fan of Thai specialties, international cuisine, or local delights, Terminal 21 Food Court caters to diverse preferences while maintaining an unbeatable balance between taste and affordability.

    IV. Importance notes

    Cashless Transactions: Terminal 21 Food Court operates on a cashless system, meaning cash is not accepted.

    Stored Value Card: Visitors are encouraged to acquire a stored value card from the counter near the entrance.

    Refund Option: Enjoy the added convenience of obtaining a refund for any remaining credit at the counter as you conclude your culinary adventure.

    Ideal Visiting Time: Be aware of peak hours to plan your visit accordingly and avoid long queues. Consider visiting Terminal 21 Food Court during non-peak hours or weekdays for a more relaxed experience.


    No Cash Payments Accepted at Terminal 21 Food Court

    V. Final words

    Embark on an extraordinary journey with VietnamStay as we guide you through the magical culinary realm of Terminal 21, the epicenter of gastronomic delight in downtown Bangkok. As your trusted travel companion in Southeast Asia, we are dedicated to providing unforgettable Thailand tours that showcase the diverse and delectable flavors of this culinary wonderland. Explore our tours to uncover enticing Thai tour packages, meticulously crafted to immerse you in the cultural richness and culinary excellence that define this remarkable destination. Let VietnamStay be your gateway to an unparalleled experience in the heart of Thailand's culinary treasures.

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