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    The Best Time to Travel to Vietnam

    1/22/2019 2:16:48 AM

    Vietnam in the Spring


    Months: March to April
    March and April weather is warm and dry in the north, which means it’s still a great time to visit. In Hanoi and around Ha Long Bay, you’ll find temps in the sixties with high humidity and the occasional drizzle. Farther south, you’ll see steamy weather between seventy and ninety degrees.
    While you will usually have gorgeous sunny skies, you’ll still want to plan for rain. A lot of locals wear thin plastic ponchos, which can be a good solution. If you wear anything too thick, you’ll overheat, so opt for ultra-lightweight materials.
    Vietnam in the Summer
    Months: May to September
    While the farthest corners of the north can still be chilly, most of Vietnam is hot all summer long. If you are looking to travel all of Vietnam, you’ll find the most consistently nice weather from May to June. The middle of the country is hot and dry while the southern and northern parts are in the midst of the rainy seasons.
    If this is your first monsoon season, get ready for some serious rain.
    The skies open up for incredible downpours. On days pushing one hundred degrees, this can be a massive relief. It can also mean long-term rain. It just comes down to luck really, and you should have some backup activities in mind.
    Summer is Vietnam’s most popular season. If you are traveling around the coast, expect the highest prices of the year (though it’s still cheap), and book your accommodation well in advance to beat the rush.
    Vietnam in the Autumn
    Months: October to November
    Not too hot, not too rainy; you’ll love fall in Vietnam. If you are going to Hanoi, October and November are the best times of the year. You’ll find dry days averaging around seventy degrees, which is perfect for sightseeing. Throughout the rest of the country, you’ll find pretty dry weather and temps in the mid to upper sixties.
    One of the best things about fall in Vietnam is the Mid-Autumn Festival.
    This incredible festival is unlike anything you’ve ever seen with lanterns lighting up the night sky and lion dancers taking to the streets. This is the perfect time to chow down on some mooncakes and learn about life in Vietnam.
    Vietnam in the Winter
    Months: December to February
    Vietnam can get incredibly hot, so winter is a good time to travel if you prefer more temperate weather. Vietnamese New Year, Tết, is the biggest celebration of the year, and this is one of the best times to visit.
    The dry season in the northwest starts in October and goes through March. This period is the best time to visit. It does get cold in the mountains though, so bring a warm jacket. In Sapa, it’s not unusual to see snow in December and January.
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