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    The Most Beautiful Train Routes in Vietnam

    2/27/2024 1:56:23 AM

     Vietnam, celebrated for its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking natural landscapes, emerges as a prime destination for unforgettable train adventures. Explore the enchanting beauty of Train Routes in Vietnam as you journey from the North to the South. Amidst verdant hills, vast rice fields, and a gentle mist, these train routes transcend ordinary transportation, providing a captivating experience that immerses travelers in Vietnam's natural wonders and storied history. As a testament to its allure, Vietnam proudly claims its position among the top 10 countries with the most beautiful train routes worldwide.

    I. The Most Beautiful Train Routes in Vietnam

    Here is a list of the most beautiful train routes in Vietnam, offering travelers incredible journeys to explore limitless beauty.

    1. Phung Hung Train Route - Hanoi

    Nestled in the heart of Hanoi's Old Quarter, the Phung Hung railway track village stands out as a popular check-in spot. This 2 km stretch of track winds its way through the neighborhood, lined with closely nestled cafes and eateries. The experience of "train hunting" in the middle of the night is an unmissable adventure, offering you the chance to witness the train's engine passing just inches away from the narrow streets.
    This location is more than just a tourist attraction; it encapsulates the essence of Hanoi's history and culture. The intertwining train tracks within the residential area create a lively tapestry. The soft glow of lights from the nearby establishments enhances the unique image of the train's front as it glides through the night.
    The "train hunting" experience at night brings an exciting and enchanting feeling. You can sense the closeness of the train to the narrow street, creating a romantic and mysterious atmosphere. This spot is not only an ideal pause for photography enthusiasts but also a fantastic journey, immersing you in the distinctive charm of Hanoi.
    Operating hours: 6:00 AM – 12:00 AM.
    Railway track section from Dien Bien Phu to Phung Hung, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

    2. Muong Hoa Mountainous Train - Sapa

    The Muong Hoa mountain railway, part of the enchanting train routes in Vietnam, stands out as one of the country's most stunning rail experiences, proudly holding the title of the "Longest Mountain Railway in Vietnam”. Covering approximately 2 kilometers, this railway begins its journey from the MGallery hotel in the Sa Pa town and concludes at the station for the Fansipan cable car.
    As a pivotal segment of train routes in Vietnam, this distinguished railway offers a captivating experience, with hidden villages shrouded in mist and vibrant landscapes. During this season, the railway traverses through hills adorned with vibrant purple flowers known as "ma tien thao," extending for kilometers near the Fansipan station. The expansive field of flowers, spanning about 15,000 square meters, resembles a violet cloud stretching across the azure sky of Sa Pa.
    The Muong Hoa mountain railway, an integral part of train routes in Vietnam, has become a must-visit for many young travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the enchanting beauty of Sa Pa. Embark on this unforgettable journey, leaving an indelible mark on your memories of Vietnam, a country proudly claiming its position among the top 10 with the most beautiful train routes worldwide.
    Round-trip ticket price: ~8 USD or 200,000 VND

    The longest mountainous train journey in Vietnam 

    3. North-South Train Journey through Hai Van Pass

    Embark on a captivating adventure through one of Vietnam's most picturesque train routes, the North-South railway that traverses Lang Co and the legendary Hai Van Pass! This extraordinary train route in Vietnam is renowned for its unparalleled charm, nestled between majestic mountains on one side and the deep blue sea on the other, creating a truly unique and rare landscape.
    As the train winds its way through the Hai Van Pass, passengers are treated to scenes of lush, shaded canopies of trees, and the crystal-clear ocean glistening like a precious gem amidst the mountains. The railway journey encompasses 18 bridges and 6 tunnels, ranging from the shortest tunnel at 85 meters to the longest at an impressive 600 meters. During the summer days, passengers can marvel at the rich variety of plant life, with a myriad of forest flowers adorning the train.
    The trains traversing the Lang Co - Hai Van Pass railway segment often maintain a leisurely speed of around 15 km/h, navigating through numerous twists and turns in the challenging terrain. However, it is precisely this unhurried pace that allows passengers to effortlessly immerse themselves in the legendary natural beauty surrounding the Hai Van Pass. Experience the myth and allure of this iconic train route in Vietnam as you enjoy the unhurried journey through the Hai Van Pass, a testament to the harmonious blend of adventure and natural wonder.
    Recently, the North-South railway trains have undergone a comprehensive renovation, with a focus on improving interior design and service quality. The new interior on the trains not only provides comfort but also enhances the beauty and luxury. The seats are designed for maximum comfort, and the interior space is optimized to create an enjoyable and premium travel experience.
    One-way ticket price: from 41 USD or 1,000,000 VND 

    Travel around Vietnam by the Reunification Express 

    4. Da Lat - Trai Mat Train Journey

    Explore the Dalat train journey from Dalat Station to Trai Mat, a delightful 45-minute ride that introduces a fresh perspective, even for those familiar with the City of a Thousand Flowers.
    This exceptional train route in Vietnam, distinct from typical North-South passenger trains, is specially crafted for tourism. The train glides at a leisurely pace, offering you ample time to savor the scenic beauty throughout the journey. Witness fields of blossoming flowers, rows of cherry blossoms, and quaint vineyards characteristic of Dalat as they gracefully pass by your window. In addition to the cherry blossoms, the landscape is adorned with the vibrant yellow hues of countless wild sunflowers, adding to the allure of this misty land.
    More than just a mode of transportation, the Dalat - Trai Mat train journey is a tranquil voyage through the heart of Dalat's natural beauty and one of the remarkable Train Routes in Vietnam. Let the gentle rhythm of the train and the picturesque surroundings create a symphony of sights and sounds, making this journey a memorable and serene escape into the charming landscapes of Dalat.
    One-way ticket price: from 4 USD or 80,000 VND

    The train route from Da Lat to Trai Mat in the city of a thousand flowers.

    5. Train Route Passing Through Dragon Fruit Gardens - Binh Thuan

    The Saigon - Binh Thuan railway, covering an approximate distance of 200 kilometers in a 4-hour journey, stands out as one of Vietnam's most scenic train routes. This picturesque route takes passengers through a myriad of breathtaking landscapes, earning its distinction among the country's most captivating train journeys. Meandering through countless dragon fruit orchards, this railway unveils the natural beauty of a land kissed by the sun and caressed by the wind.
    The Saigon - Binh Thuan railway promises a visual feast, with lush greenery and vibrant hues of dragon fruit fields stretching to the horizon. This captivating journey becomes particularly enchanting during nighttime train rides, offering travelers the chance to witness the brilliantly illuminated dragon fruit fields.
    As the train glides through the night, the rhythmic clatter of wheels on the tracks is accompanied by the soothing symphony of the wind. This scenic railway voyage not only connects Saigon to Binh Thuan but also serves as a gateway to the breathtaking landscapes and agricultural richness of the sun-drenched region. Explore the beauty of the Saigon - Binh Thuan railway, a key route among the remarkable train routes in Vietnam, offering not just a destination but a visual delight for every traveler.
    One-way ticket price: from 6 USD or 140,000 VND

    Enjoy the dragon fruit orchards along the train route from Saigon to Binh Thuan.

    6. Scenic Train Ride Da Nang - Hue

    Journeying from Da Nang to Hue, this captivating train ride spans a total distance of 110 kilometers and ranks among the notable train routes in Vietnam.. The train gracefully traverses the renowned Hai Van Pass, promising approximately 3 hours of awe-inspiring travel, allowing passengers to marvel at the majestic and expansive natural landscapes. Opting for the Da Nang - Hue train route for your travel escapade ensures tranquil moments, providing a serene opportunity to gaze upon the intertwining rivers, towering mountains, and the enchanting beauty of the sky.
    As the train winds its way through the landscape, passengers are treated to panoramic views of the awe-inspiring Hai Van Pass, creating a visual spectacle that unfolds during the journey. The 3-hour ride becomes a serene sojourn, offering travelers the chance to immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature. Take in the scenic beauty of rivers, mountains, and the breathtaking sky, making the Da Nang - Hue train journey an unforgettable experience that combines both relaxation and visual splendor.
    One-way ticket price: from 5 USD or 110,000 VND

    Admire the scenery of Hai Van Pass on the train route from Da Nang to Hue.

    7. Da Nang - Quy Nhon Train Adventure in South Central Vietnam

    Aboard the Da Nang - Quy Nhon train, travelers are in for a fascinating experience. Covering a distance of approximately 300 kilometers from Da Nang Station to Dieu Tri Station in Binh Dinh, the journey takes around 5 to 6 hours, depending on the specific train schedule. Throughout this captivating expedition, the scenic beauty of the South Central Coast is condensed into a visual spectacle within your reach.
    During the leisurely journey, passengers can relax and enjoy the serene landscapes unfolding beside the tracks. The heartwarming tranquility experienced while gazing at the picturesque scenery is truly unique. From rustic countryside fields to bustling cities, from towering mountains to the gentle lapping of the blue sea, each place the train passes through offers diverse emotions for every traveler.
    One of the most distinguished luxury train compartments on the Da Nang - Quy Nhon route is The Vietage. This opulent train service seamlessly blends sophistication with comfort, providing passengers with an unparalleled journey. Revel in the plush interiors, gourmet dining, and personalized service, making The Vietage not just a means of transport but a lavish exploration of Vietnam's beauty, effortlessly connecting you to the cultural richness along the way.
    One-way regular ticket price: from 10 USD or 235,000 VND
    One-way The Vietage ticket price: from 180 USD or 4,399,000 VND

    The Vietage - Luxurious Rail Journey for Breathtaking Views.

    II. Essential Notes for Train Travel

    1. Choosing the Right Seat and Sleeper Class

    Selecting the right seat or sleeper class plays a crucial role in creating a comfortable and memorable train journey. Depending on preferences and budget, travelers can opt for standard seats, sleeper berths, or private cabins. Comfort and service quality contribute significantly to the overall experience of the trip.

    2. Optimal Timing and Ideal Season for the Journey

    Choosing the right time and travel season can significantly impact the train travel experience. Spring journeys offer the charm of fresh and cool landscapes, while autumn immerses passengers in the brilliance of golden hues. Travelers should consider selecting a time that aligns with their preferences to fully appreciate the beauty of the railway route.

    3. Culinary Delights at Stations and Stops

    Train travel is not only about the destination but also an opportunity to savor unique culinary experiences at stations and stops. From street food delights to regional specialties, travelers can explore cultural diversity through the palate. This journey is not just a means of transportation; it's a gastronomic adventure across Vietnam.

    III. Final word

    The journey on the most magnificent train routes in Vietnam is an adventure immersed in the unique beauty of nature and culture. The Phung Hung - Hanoi railway creates a mysterious atmosphere amidst the ancient streets of the Old Quarter, while the mountainous Mường Hoa - Sapa train connects travelers to the majestic mountains and traditional villages. Journeys over the Hai Van Pass or on the Da Lat - Trai Mat railway allow passengers to explore spectacular routes, from the open sea to the refreshing highlands. Each trip is an adventurous and surprising experience, unveiling new dimensions of exploration.Discover more about Vietnam and its captivating attractions through the exciting tours offered by VietnamStay.


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