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    Viet Nam and Thailand - great destinations for your family vacations

    3/28/2017 10:17:07 PM

    It can be tricky when it comes to planning a trip that will satisfy everyone in your family, especially when there are big differences of age. The key of family vacation is to choose the right destinations with a wide and suitable variety of activities. This is to make sure every family member is entertained and taken care of. Viet Nam and Thailand, with their wonderful touristic activities and attractions to offer, can guarantee your family an unforgettable getaway.


    Scenic and adventurous inland attractions


    Viet Nam and Thailand can be different things to different people, especially when it comes to the natural attractions. In Viet Nam, the stunning Phong Nha – Ke Bang caves or the million-dollar-views of the ladder rice fields will hope to make you happy. To be a bit more exciting, you should go conquer the majestic mountains in the Northwest or float through the famous rivers of the Mekong Delta. In Thailand, the north is about touring the interesting villages and the beautiful mountain ranges. The many national parks in the middle ofThailand (Khao Sok, Khao Yai national park) will add some fun to your trip as well. And don’t forget to visit the stunning Erawan waterfalls in the west of Thailand to be amazed. Relaxing or challenging, the natural attractions in Viet Nam and Thailand will make your family happy.

    The beaches


    The East Sea Coastline of Viet Nam and Gulf of Thailand give the two countries some of the best beaches in the world. For a long time, Viet Nam and Thailand are considered the paradises of beaches not only because of their beauty but also the diversity of selections. You can easily find almost any kind of beach or beach activity here. There are the beautiful islands of Phu Quoc or Con Dao, the fascinating bay of Ha Long (Viet Nam), the dive site of Ao Nang or the famous and frenetic Pattaya (Thailand) – all are absolutely stunning. Hanging out on the beach is enjoyed by everyone when kids can use up their energy and have fun while adults and relax their mind with the sound of waves. Having a beach on the list will bring your family closer together for a great holiday experience.

    Energetic and modern feel


    Viet Nam and Thailand are not just mountains and beaches, their busy cities can bring you a lot of fun, too. The crowded Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city (Viet Nam) will welcome you with the convenient, professional services and the many international brands. The image of the thousands of motorbikes floating through the streets in between the high skyscrapers in these two cities cannot be found anywhere. Bangkok, with many shopping and service areas such as Siam or Sukhumvit and its quick lifestyle, is a great choice for active young people. Public transportation in Bangkok is very developed and you can go anywhere in the city in no time. The interesting thing about the metropolitan areas in Viet Nam and Thailand is that they combine the modern and active lifestyle with the traditional oriental culture to create such a different experience that is hard to describe by words.

    Historical and cultural


    Viet Nam’s long history and fascinating heritage are printed on many of the country’s well preserved centuries-old architecture and the people’s everyday life today. Thailand, with its famous temples and ancient ruins, will tell you great stories about its religious culture and interesting lifestyle that is influenced by many. These attractions will be the highlights of the trip for moms and dads as they have an opportunity to improve their knowledge and see with their own eyes what they only heard from the news and stories. Kids might also enjoy seeing a different corner of the world through these two pretty Southeast Asian countries. Go check out the war/cultural museums and the markets in Viet Nam or the pagodas and temples in Thailand and be fascinated with their rich pasts and beautiful cultures.



    No matter what age a family member is at, a tasty and nutritious meal will put a great smile on their face. Viet Nam and Thailand have the typical cuisines like no other and are loved by many. Viet Nam masters the element of balancing in cooking to make all ingredients work together brilliantly. The use of herbs, vegetables and the idea of keeping all meals healthy are what Viet Nam is proud of as well. Thailand’s cuisine goes by the attention to details, texture, color and the use of spices. Thailand is known for the complex and spicy dishes but there are plenty more to choose for your family such as their delicious sweet deserts. Go try some Pho (beef or chicken noodle), Bun Cha (noodle with grilled pork), Banh Xeo (Vietnamese crepe) in Viet Nam or some Pad Thai (stir fried rice noodle), Tom Yum (shrimp soup) in Thailand to get your holiday satisfyingly completed. You can also try to make the best Thai dishes by yourself with Vietnamstay’s Chiangmai cooking class.

    Hospitality and Cost


    Being two of the most significant tourist destinations in Asia, Viet Nam and Thailand have such professional hospitality. Vietnamese people are famous for being friendly and are developing many touristic services and infrastructures, especially along the coastline.  Thai people have had a long history of welcoming foreigners to their precious kingdom as tourism has existed in Thailand for centuries. The good news is that unlike many other famous touristic areas around the world, Viet Nam and Thailand are within the cheapest places to visit. Recently, Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh city (Viet Nam) and Chiangmai (Thailand) make the 2016 Price of Travel’s top ten world’s cheapest cities to visit. It could be costly when bringing the entire family on a trip but you would not have to worry about that in Viet Nam and Thailand.

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