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    Launch of The "Ngan Nga Viet Nam" Campaign to Promote Tourism through Vietnamese Traditional Melodies

    9/27/2022 7:20:03 AM

    At the end of August, in Ho Chi Minh City, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, in collaboration with TikTok and the Vietnam Tourism Association, held a press conference to launch the "Ngan Nga Viet Nam" campaign. This program is supported by Tourism Magazine (Vietnam National Administration of Tourism) and Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine. 

    Vietnamese traditional melodies performance
    at the "Ngan Nga Viet Nam" campaign
    With its reputation as an entertainment platform, Tiktok has developed a playground for various clips, where music plays a crucial role and has become fads that young people all over the world are captivated with. As a result, the "Ngan Nga Viet Nam" campaign was implemented and developed on this social media platform to spread Vietnamese traditional melodies with the aim of highlighting the stunning scenery of the S-shaped nation and the lovely spiritual tradition of the Vietnamese people.
    In particular, in this campaign, Tiktok has released the music video named "Ngan Nga Viet Nam", which combines three traditional Vietnamese music: Quan Ho, Hue songs, and cairojess, reformed by musician Ngo Hong Quang.

    Subdirector General of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism
     on the stage of the "Ngan Nga Viet Nam" campaign
    At the press conference of the "Ngan Nga Viet Nam" campaign, Mr. Nguyen Le Phuc, Subdirector General of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism affirmed that tourism and culture are the two fields that always complement one another. In particular, Vietnamese music is not only a form of entertainment, enriching or improving the quality of travel tours, but also is a resource and intangible cultural heritages that contribute to creating inspiration to develop this "smokeless industry”.
    Furthermore, in order to achieve the important goals of promoting national tourism through traditional culture and music, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism requires the assistance of the private sector, particularly businesses, to support the development of material and technical tourism facilities, as well as the application of scientific and technological achievements to the promotion of local cultural brands.

    Representatives of the Organizing Committee, artists 
    share information about the "Ngan Nga Viet Nam" campaign
    As a side effect, the National Administration of Tourism has collaborated with TikTok, a powerful tool that can spread a strong message to friends domestically and internationally, and the Vietnam Tourism Association to organize a media event to launch the "Ngan Nga Viet Nam" campaign, which encourages people to discover the beauty of Vietnamese music while honoring culture and sharing national pride, thereby contributing to the promotion of national tourism.
    Nguyen Lam Thanh, TikTok Vietnam representative, expects that this initiative would bring traditional Vietnamese traditional melodies closer to users by integrating traditional and modern components in the presentation of the campaign's main video, so that future generations will be able to enjoy and cherish traditional music.
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