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    Vietnamese Culture and Tourism in Sky Connection 2022 Event

    10/3/2022 10:42:43 AM

    The event was hosted by the Vietnamese Embassy in Malaysia in coordination with the Malaysian Association of Tour & Travel Agents (MATTA) and the Vietnam Tourism Exchange  (VNTE). It is the first tourism promotion event organized by the embassy in Malaysia after the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The first content of the event

    Vietnam and Malaysia have cultural exchanges and have many performances about Vietnamese culture, tourism and people.At the event, the guests enjoyed musical performances such as the dance "My hometown Vietnam," "Hello Vietnam" performed by Vietnamese living in Malaysia; Watch movies about the beauty and cuisine of Vietnam as well as the most famous tourist areas in Vietnam.

    The second content of the event 

    The event brings businesses of the two countries to connect and sign cooperation agreements on tourism, aiming to restore the industry and tighten the relationship between Vietnam - Malaysia. In the coming time, MATTA will promote effectively exploiting the Vietnamese tourism market through MATTA's agents present in 13 states of Malaysia. On behalf of VNTE, Mr. Nguyen Son Thuy said that with new updates on tourism products suitable for the Malaysian market, Vietnam will have more opportunities to expand cooperation and learn a market with many characteristics. like Malaysia and bring Vietnamese culture and tourism to neighboring countries

    The third content of the event

    The seminar also provided information on regulations for entry to Vietnam.

    Expressing hope that the number of tourists from Malaysia to Vietnam will grow after a direct flight route connecting Kuala Lumpur and Da Nang is launched.

    Updates on tourism products suitable for the Malaysian market.

    Since the two countries exempted visas for ordinary passport holders in September 2001, the number of Malaysian visitors to Vietnam has increased rapidly. In 2019, Vietnam welcomed over 605,000 Malaysian holidaymakers, up 12.2% compared to 2018. In the coming time, Vietnamese culture and tourism will be increasingly spread and developed.

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