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At Vietnamstay Travel, the quality of our services speaks for itself. Read the reviews below to see what our customers had to say about their experiences with us in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand.

  • Dear Mr. Pham Tuyen


    Along with another couple we booked a 11 day tour of Vietnam and Siem Riep through VietnamStay. They were wonderful. Everyting went beautifully. We visited a number of different areas of Vietnam and Siem Riep. At each airport a driver and guide picked us up and took us to our hotel and then picked us up the next day for our tour. All the guides were friendly and were very informative. We learned an enormous amount from them. When we finished visiting a site the van was there within minutes to pick us up and deliver cold water. They booked the internal flights and hotels which were all beautiful. We recommend them highly.

  • Hello Vicky,

    Thank you again for helping us with our fantastic trip to Vietnam and Cambodia.  We sincerely appreciate the extraordinary amount of time, energy and expertise that you invested in making our recent trip one that we will long remember.  In the week since we have returned home, Jackie, Leslie, Geoff and I have not stopped thinking and talking about all of our wonderful experiences, the wonderful people we met and our concern that we’ll never have another trip as special as our trip to Vietnam and Cambodia.

    We truly appreciate your willingness — and limitless patience — to tailor the trip to our interests and priorities; we know we must have driven you crazy with all of our questions and the numerous revisions to our itinerary.  However, in the end, you arranged a perfect trip for us.  When people ask me, “How was your trip to Vietnam and Cambodia?”, my response is, “It far exceeded our expectations!”


    Among those items we would like to comment on are (in no particular order):
    GUIDES: All of our guides were outstanding, and we would recommend them to all of your clients.  They were friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and all of them had a good sense of humor.  Not only did they teach us a lot about the sights we visited and the history, culture, politics and people, but they also shared interesting information about their life — their personal story.  We enjoyed getting to know all of them.

    Our guides were helpful in many ways.  They made certain that our hotel check-ins and flights went smoothly and had helpful suggestions for restaurants and other activities for our free time.  In addition, they also went far beyond our expectations to help us with some challenges that arose.  For example, “Chhan” (our guide) and “Sam” (our driver) in Siem Reap went to great lengths to help Jackie and me find a place that would package a “spirit house” that we could ship as luggage, and they drove all over Siem Reap helping Leslie and Geoff find a “crane on the back of a turtle” (similar to the ones we saw at the Temple of Literature in Hanoi) and a "spirit house”.  On that particular day, they easily spent an extra 2 hours with us!All of our guides — we can’t say enough good things about our guides! — were on-time, if not early, for every pick-up; were flexible in terms of scheduling; were willing to make adjustments in our activities and schedule as we requested; and went to great lengths to help us with our dietary restrictions.  The restaurants were always happy to make the necessary accommodations.


    All of our guides provided similar help that went far beyond their normal responsibilities.  They were always willing and anxious to do anything they could to make our trip a memorable one. 

    DRIVERS: The drivers were wonderful.  Their vans were clean and comfortable, and they were always on-time, helped us in and out of the vans, and provided us with cold refreshing wet towels and cold water.  We very much appreciated their help.

    HOTELS:  All of the hotels were beautiful and provided five-star service in every way.  The only hotel that we didn’t especially favor was the Alma Courtyard, in Hoi An.  The hotel was very pretty and modern, but the four of us didn’t particularly care for the rooms.  The beds were on a low platform which required us to step down to the floor, and the floor around the bed had “ribbing” which made it uncomfortable to walk on.  In addition, the entry to the tub-shower required a very high step, which might pose a safety problem for elderly visitors. 

    HALONG BAY: Halong Bay was one of the highlights for Geoff.  We all felt that the Dragon Legend was a beautiful boat, with gorgeous views from the bathtub.  The boat also made kayaks available and our guide conducted an interesting tour of Surprise Cave, on one of the islands. 
    One suggestion: Travelers should be told to bring swimsuits and clothing for kayaking.  Geoff and Leslie asked about this, but are told kayaking wouldn’t be available so they wouldn’t need to bring swimsuits and kayaking clothes.  Also, it would be helpful to notify travelers the night before they leave for Halong Bay that they should pack an overnight bag for their stay on the boat.  We had to pack an overnight bag at the restroom/souvenir stop midway between Hanoi and Halong Bay.

    SOFITEL METREPOLE HOTEL: We suggest that travelers be informed of the free guided tour of the “bomb shelter” at the Sofitel Metrepole Hotel.  We saw an add in the hotel for the tour, and we found it very interesting.   

    ART MUSEUM, HUE: We very much enjoyed going to the art museum in Hue (the sculpture.)

    PHARE CIRCUS: The Phare Circus in Siem Reap was a lot of fun and supports a good cause, and we recommend it for others.  However, we suggest that visitors reserve seats ahead of time, so they can sit in the front rows.  The show is one hour in length.

    TRANSPORTATION: We really liked the opportunity to use such a variety of modes of transportation, such as tuk-tuks, sampans, rickshaws, canoes, vans, boats, etc. 

    MEKONG RIVER: Every day was wonderful, but all of us especially liked our day on the Mekong River with “Tiger,” day 10.  

    OTHER SIGHTS AND ACTIVITIES: There isn’t sufficient time or space to comment on all the events, sights and activities that we enjoyed — we truly enjoyed all of our experiences.  If others were to ask us about our itinerary, we would tell them that we wouldn’t change a thing.
    Finally, I have submitted a review to Trip Advisor.

    With warm regards,
    Dennis and Jackie Fox
    Geoff and Leslie Furman

  • Dear Mr. Xuan Hao
    First of all sorry I have not reply sooner but I only arrived at Portugal on Saturday and since then I have been very busy ....
    About our trip to Vietnam I want to tell you that it was a very pleasant and amazing experience.
    Vietnam is a beautiful country with very friendly people. The tour you proposed was very appropriate in giving us the opportunity to know a little of the country from north to south, as well as climatic and cultural differences that exist.



    About agency service I want to state the following:
    1- Customized tour: very appropriate, enabling a general idea of the country and its diversity. ( We loved our stay in Hoi An because it is really a very beautiful and  welcoming city  and  because the stop of two days there, allowed us to rest and relax.)
    2-  Accommodation/Hotels: All different but all very good and well located. The hotel in Hoi An and Mekong pleased us particularly.
    3- Tours with guides: very interesting and allowed to have an idea of the history of the country. We love the AO Show in HCM nigh. Very good!
    4- Organization of the agency: we enjoyed the accuracy and timeliness throughout the trip as well as the quality of the transfer services. The choice of restaurants was  suitable.
    5- Guides and drivers: all very professional and with skills appropriate. The kindness and the availability were always present. They provided us with clarifications and information needed before and during visits. Drivers gave us relaxing travel and smoothly.
    We did not find negative aspects in order to suggest the improvement of your service. We were very pleased to have chosen the "Vietnamstay" and we will not hesitate to recommend your services to friends and family.

    Thank you very much for all and I hope to have opportunity to travel again with you.

    Best regards
    M. Emília & José Carlos from Lisboa (Portugal)

  • Dear Xuan,
    Thank you for getting in touch with us to see how our holiday went. We would like to let you know that it was probably the best holiday we as a family had ever had. Your guides were so good and helpful. They knew so much, worked so hard and nothing was too much trouble. When we had problems (losing passport, rucksack and with visa requirements) they were really efficient in helping us to sort them out so that our holiday continued smoothly throughout. We will certainly recommend you to anyone who asks.​
    Please pass on our thanks to the guides involved as we would like them to know that their hard work is very much appreciated.
    Hopefully we will be able to visit your part of the world again as it was so beautiful. Thank you for all your help.
    Kind regards
  • Dear Xuan Hao,
    I want to thank you for organising such a fabulous Vietnam/Cambodia trip for us. It was an amazing experience and excellently organised. I know that we had limited time but you managed to schedule many varied, enjoyable and meaningful experiences for us. All the hotels were excellent.  The drivers were great - punctual and safe drivers.  
    The guides really helped make our holiday spectacular - Quang in Saigon, Duc in Hanoi and Proney in Siem Reap. Quang  was knowledgeable about history.  We loved Proney...his beautiful smile, his immense historical knowledge and his willingness to share his own interesting personal story.  Proney also showed adaptability  and willingness to rearrange our schedule, at our request. It was extra work for him but he did it with a smile and seemingly effortlessly.
    I want to make special mention of Cong Manh Duc, our guide in Hanoi. He was an amazing guide and a lovely man. He is thoughtful, knowledgeable, sensitive and intelligent. He just went that extra distance to give us new experiences like buying fruits for us that we had not  tasted;  talking to some of the locals who invited us into their houses. He really connected with our group. Groups would love to have him as a guide.
    The hotels were excellent choices - varied and lovely. My favourite was Shinta Mani Resort and Saigon Grand.

    Thank you very much
    David and Ann Tucker

  • Dear Mr. Hao Xuan,
    We returned from our trip in Vietnam and Cambodia last week.

    I would like to thank you very much for the excellent tour you prepared for us.
    We had a great time and enjoyed the sites and places as well as the people we met. It was an excellent experience and we warmly recommend this trip to anyone who wants to visit this lovely area and experience the wonderful cultures of Vietnam and Cambodia and would be glad to recommend you and your company to others.


    There are several main aspects for the tour which I want to specifically mention:

    1. The guides - all the guides we met were fluent english speakers, very welcoming and pleasant and had excellent knowledge regarding the specific places they took us to. They made us feel very welcome and assisted us with every request we had.

    2. The sites - all the places we went to were amazing and beautiful. Vietnam and Cambodia are both wonderful countries with very warm people, great hospitality and we had an excellent time. Specifically I would like to note Ha Noi, Sa Pa, Ha Long Bay, Hoi An, Cu Chi tunnels, the Mekong Delta, The Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat as places which were especially interesting and beautiful and should not be missed.

    3. Hotels - your pick of hotels was excellent. All the hotels had great conditions and were very well suited for our requirements with big rooms excellent staff and wonderful breakfasts. I would especially like to recommend The Homestay at Ta Van Village, Moonlight at Hue, Than Binh Riverside at Hoi An, Victoria Nuisam Lodge in Chau Doc and Royal Empire at Siem Reap

    4. Vehicles - Were always in very good condition the drivers were excellent and it was a very comfortable ride.

    One issue which we did find a little bit difficult for us were the long hours of travel since Vietnam is such a large country. I would recommend in the future to other travelers not to take the night train from Hanoi to Sapa and back since with a car it is only 4-5 hours and we could not really sleep in the train. In addition it would be better to fly from Hanoi to Hue and not take the train to Dong Hoi for the same reason. Even if that means that the trip would be a little more expensive.

    In any case I would like to thank you and all the people we met again for the great experience and professional tour we received.

    Best Regards
    Eran Shmulinson


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