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Danang city is just north of the equator on Vietnam's south central coast. The weather in Danang is quite is quite nice for travelling. Danang has temperatures averaging 26°C year round. December to February is the coolest period, with average temperatures of 18-23°C while the hottest months are from June to August.

    Weather in Danang Vietnam


      Danang Vietnam Weather: Seasons

      Danang has a long wet season from May to January and a dry season from February to April. With annual rainfall levels of 2,500 millimetres, there is likely to be some rain during your visit but for most of the year the rain comes in short bursts so it is not likely to affect your travels.

       If you are packing your bag for a wonderful vacation in Da Nang then you want to check the best time to visit the city. The beautiful city stays romantic throughout the year but the weather condition varies quite a bit. The best time to visit Danang city is between April to August.  

      • Apart from these months you will experience rain which may ruin your vacation mood. Most people look to avoid rain water just because it restricts them to see different places. Rainy months are uassly from October to February
      • Hence April to August would be the perfect time to visit Da Nang. Sunny bright days are perfect for a beach visit. During this time you can enjoy the wide stretched beaches.

      Check more details of weather in Danang Vietnam, please visit https://www.accuweather.com/en/vn/da-nang/352954/weather-forecast/352954

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