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Things to eat in Halong Bay

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Halong Bay is famous worldwide for its natural beauty of thousands limestone emerging from sea. Cruising on Halong Bay, witnessing the magnificient seascape, kayaking or swimming in the turquois water, then enjoying Halong Bay food are the best experience for every traveler!

    Halong Bay Food


      If you book a cruise trip on Halong Bay, you will be served the Halong Bay food onboard with plenty of Vietnamese and international dishes which are cooked from the local ingredients.

      Halong Bay Sea Food

      Halong Bay is famous for seafood so most of the dishes are seafood. Hundreds of sea snails and seafood derivatives like prawns, squids, crabs, etc. are freshly caught from the sea and supplied to the boats to bring you great taste.




      Halong Bay food can be served as buffet, set menu or BBQ onboard. You can easily choose among many delicious dishes, including seafood soup, Pho, big juicy prawns, grilled monkfish in a sweet sauce, beef teriyaki, delightfully salad, beautifully marinated chicken and beef skewers, several choices of cold cuts...

      Top Halong Bay food

      Squid Sausage


      If you’re not a seasoned eater of underwater creatures, squid sausage is a good place to start. A deep fried patty made from minced squid and mystery spices, squid sausage is a favourite Halong Bay food delicacy amongst locals and tourists alike.

      Ngan (Clams)


      Ngan is the name for a mollusc that, although found all over the Vietnam Coast, is best known as hailing from Halong Bay. Ngan are similar to clam but are bigger with a rougher shell and are quite rare outside of Vietnam. Most chefs will grill or steam Ngan and add it to stir fry, sushi or rice porridge. Ngan wine is another delicacy for the slightly more adventurous diner. To make the wine, your must open the Ngan shell and let the mollusc’s blood flow into a strong liquor which is then boiled before serving.

      Cooked blood cockles

      Another mollusc famous for Halong Bay is the blood cockle, found in Yen Hung region. With hard, rough shells like the Ngan, blood cockles have blood-red and highly nutritious meat and are often stir-fried, grilled or cooked with rice porridge. In order to get the most nutrition and the best taste from the blood cockle, many chefs will fast-boil them with crushed lemongrass.

      Tu Hai Snails


      A speciality of the Van Don District, Tu Hai snails sometimes referred to as Snail Spout. Normally served grilled with oil and onions, Tu Hai snails can be baked or steamed and, if properly prepared, even served raw.

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