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Best time to travel to Vietnam

Finding the best time to travel to Myanmar is not an easy task and depends very much on what you expect from your travels. Also, the country has a lot to offer at any time of the year as you can find here:

There are three seasons in Burma: the monsoon season, the dry season and the hot season. Starts at the end of May/beginning of June, the monsoon season brings the hot, humid and rainy weather. During the dry season (starts in November), Burma has lower humidity, mild temperature and scant rainfall. The heat returns in February until May when the temperature can reach the highest of over 40 degree Celsius. Rangoon usually has the heaviest rain. In the delta region, the heavy rains sometimes make the roads impassible and some areas would become inaccessible. For example, the Ngapali beach, a very famous destination in Burma is closed altogether around this time due to the heavy rainfall and strong winds that batter the coast. The best time to visit Burma is after the monsoon and before the heat waves which is between November and February. Keep in mind that this is also the busiest tourist season; therefore, there might be difficulties for booking and planning your trips. Before and after the November – February period of, you can choose the mountains or the beaches for milder weather and focus your main activities in the evenings when there is a tendency to be cooler.

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