Things to eat in Phuket

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Phuket has a unique cuisine and both its entrées and desserts are a combination of local and Chinese cooking styles. International visitors should not miss the opportunity to sample the mouth-watering and unique offerings of Phukets kitchens. We have the inside track on toothsome dishes which will tempt your taste buds.

      Mee Sue:


      Phuket's breakfast noodles with salty taste and white color when uncooked, are boiled and flavoured with oriental spices. They can be served with sliced pork or chicken and accompanied by boiled rice or rice soup. Kuo Kwan Restaurant, (located on Phuket Road near Robinson's department store), is rightly famous for this simple but tasty dish.


      Oh Aew:


      An unbeatable, Phuket dessert which is made from jellied banana-flour mixed with boiled red bean, ice, and sweet red syrup. There original Oh Aew caterers can be found on Yaowarat Intersection and one can be found at the area of beginning of Loh Rong Soi.


      Dim Sum:


      Are a tantalising group of small dishes which can be eaten at any time of the day. The Dim Sum is a steamed dumpling, filled with every imaginable choice of sweet or savoury filling, and served with Chinese herb chicken soup and condiments. Visit Boonyarat Restaurant for the best. They have branches at the vegetable market, the main bus terminal and again near Dao Rung School on Chao Fa Road.


      Oh Tao:

      Also known as Hoi Tod Hokgian, is a fried oyster dish prepared with eggs, flour, bean sprouts and taro root - a favourite Phuket snack. Look for it at Oh Tao Wongwian Restaurant, located near the Clock Tower Circle, Phuket Road, or at the Oh Tao Restaurant next to Bang Neaw Municipality School, Phuket Road.


      Kanom Jin Phuket:


      Noodles often compared to spaghetti served with a spicy curry sauce, the original made from fish. It is usually eaten as breakfast. It comes with a range of fresh vegetables and boiled eggs. And often found with the fried pastry called Pah Tong Go and the curried fish mousse called Hor Mohk, both of them are very tasty. Look for a shop that has many curries to choose from if you are sensitive to spicy cuisine course there are some of the curries that not spicy too. The most famous shops in Phuket Town from many shops: 

      - Kwan Kanohm Jin on Tungka Rd.
      - Pah Mai on statun Rd.
      - Pha Ri on Pahtiphaht Rd.


      Mee Hok Kian:

      This is made with large yellow noodles similar to Japanese Soba. Mee Hok Kian can be served in with pork-bone soup and/or dried noodles. A delightful variety known as Mee Hok Kian Pak includes fried noodles, soup, pork, fish or squid, egg, fried onions and pork cracklings. Recommended Mee Hok Kian restaurants are Mee Ao Gay, located on Poonpol Road and Mee Sapam at Sapam Village, Thepkasattri Road


      Lo Bah:


      Fried sausages served with fried tofu and spicy sweet or sour sauce. For this try in Phuket Town:

      - On The way to span Hin. 
      - On Poonphol Rd.

      Tao Sor or Kanohm Bia Phuket Spring rolls, Chinese crepes


      Have two kinds: sweet or salty. The best known are found at: 
      - Kaeng Tin near Ruam Paet Hospital on Phuket Rd.
      - On Soi Suhn Utit, Yaowarat Rd., in Phuket Town.
      - Kuhn Mae on Thep Krasatri Rd., in the village of Sapam.
      - Mae Boon Tahm on Surin Rd., Soi 4.






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